Teignmouth Poetry Festival 2016

Teignmouth Pier March 2016

Watch this Space!

Some unspecified time ago, the  Poetry Teignmouth website promised to immerse you in the art of poetry … to bring more live poetry to Teignmouth …to entice potential poets to the table … to encourage, nurture and support poetic writing… to work towards organising a poetry festival in Teignmouth ….

of all these , please notice especially the words in the final promise

work towards!

I have just been lucky enough to spend a whole day at the Third Teignmouth Festival of Poetry.  How magically and triumphantly that promise – indeed all the website promises – have been fulfilled.  This poetically was a truly glorious day. The open mic session, in the excellent Ice Factory in the early afternoon,  was electrifyingly good with a marvellous variety of contributions, eloquently delivered by poets who were masters and mistresses of their craft. The included cake was also mouthwatering.

In the later afternoon, at the Teign Heritage Centre, Jennie Osborne introduced the packed audience to the three very fine poems which had been awarded prizes in the Keats’ Footsteps section of the competition. Competition judge Martyn Crucefix then took us delicately and persuasively through the process which had led to his chosen shortlist of ten.  Many of the successful competition poets were in the room to share their poems so as well as the insights into the judging, we were treated to a session of sumptuous poetry.  Again, as in the open mic, the variety of the poems on the Teignmouth shortlist was astonishing .  The range of subject matter, the poise of the presentations and the technical accomplishment were a joy.

Poetry Teignmouth will be publishing the six winning poems soon. Please use this link as a pathway to the excellent final six. There are, of course, always good reasons why poems emerge as the final prizewinners , but in the case of this competition, it must have been unusually hard for the judges to make their choice.

Only one day in Teignmouth…all the website promises already fulfilled to overflowing… and to complete the day, a dazzling evening of performances in the Teign Heritage Centre from Rebecca Tantony, Ian Beech, Robert Garnham and Festival Organiser Ian Royce Chamberlain.

This is a gem of a poetry festival in a truly delightful place.  I think someone should amend the Poetry Teignmouth website now.  A Poetry Festival can hardly be “worked towards” when it has so thoroughly and beautifully












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