Report from the Judenplatz

taunton poster:pages versionDrama teachers from Heathfield School and The Space are preparing a new production of Report from the Judenplatz for the Page to Stage Evening at the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre in Taunton on Thursday 16th June.  With actors Jerry Hardingham, Carla St. Louis, David Duthie, Aileen St. John, Matt Bryden, Carl Holmes, Peta Braisby, Steph Foster, Leigh Rockett, Jodi Crocker and Graeme Ryan, Report from the Judenplatz will be performed in the first half of the Page to Stage Evening – which will also feature the three winning submissions in  the Tacchi-Morris Centre’s annual competition for one-act plays.

Here is my preliminary poster for the blog.  ( Not to be confused with professional Tacchi-Morris publicity which you can access via the link in the paragraph above. )


4 thoughts on “Report from the Judenplatz

  1. Dear Sue, or Muse (I’m not sure how one addresses Sue Boyle Poetry!) Here am I emerging from the woodwork. I’ve been doing some work with train times, and I think I could come to your Report from the Judenplatz in Taunton. I’d certainly very much like to. I’m trying to concoct, or distil, a poem of my own out of the joint effort of TSE and WW. People have liked what i call the assignment, but I think of it more as an exercise – and I think it’s time I did try a poem on Athens as a whole, as I never have. Also time I went out into the sunshine. Looking forward to seeing – and hearing – you in Taunton-Ruth _


    1. The students coping with ‘A Leisure Centre is Also a Temple of Learning’ are quite happy to call me ‘Sue’, so I think after our pleasant years of poetry companionship, you should feel safe to do the same. How marvellous if you can get to see Report from the Judenplatz. I have been meaning to recommend C. Day Lewis’s An Italian Visit to you. It offers a fascinating parallel to your brilliant Athens piece – and might, I think, tilt the scales for you so that what started as an exercise could find wings in its own space. It deserves to, Ruth. It was a really remarkable piece of writing.


  2. I hope ‘Report from the Judenplatz’ goes well in Taunton, Sue. It deserves to be out there for more people to experience. I shall never forget the powerful impact of the first performance at the Torbay Festival.


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