Cafe Writing Day 9th April

Exploring Modernism:TWO How were poets of the early twentieth century – who were not ‘war poets’ and did not themselves have first-hand experience of the Great War – to write for the generations in England, Europe and America whose countries were implicated in that slaughter and whose lives were shaped and dominated by that dreadful […]

Cafe Writing Day 12th March

Exploring Modernism: ONE The 2016 Cafe Writing Days series was prompted by requests from poets who wanted to spend the year exploring some of the formative writers and major texts of English poetry. The aim was to find a provisional pathway through the rich confusion of the terrain. I chose ‘modernism’ as the theme for […]

Teignmouth Poetry Festival 2016

Watch this Space! Some unspecified time ago, the  Poetry Teignmouth website promised to immerse you in the art of poetry … to bring more live poetry to Teignmouth …to entice potential poets to the table … to encourage, nurture and support poetic writing… to work towards organising a poetry festival in Teignmouth …. of all these , please […]

Don’t Stand By

DON’T STAND BY is the title of the Holocaust Memorial Day event in the Bath Guildhall on Wednesday 27th January this year. The Chairman of Bath and North East Council, Councillor Ian Gilchrist will be speaking about the rehoming of Syrian refugees in Bath.  I have been asked to read the prose poem, ‘Ark’ ( see […]